“Nana Korobi, Ya Oki”, “Seven Falls, Eight Getting Up”

As we prepare to enter 2022, the Japanese proverb nicely sums up our feelings toward the past two years and the year coming. Honestly, who would have thought that we’d still be dealing with the pandemic this long?! Regardless of the situation, love keeps moving forward. 2021 saw fewer weddings, couples learned to roll with the punches, making last minute adjustments in order to host their celebrations while still keeping guests safe. They made the difficult decision to reduce guest counts, masks were worn, vaccine cards were provided, individual hand sanitizer bottles were a popular wedding favor. At the end of the day, the festivities were still so special. While the current state of affairs may have forced couples to modify their plans, they were able to remember that the union was the most important part. Our sincere congratulations to all of our 2021 couples, we’d like to consider your special day your eighth time up.

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