A year to remember … or, forget.


I think that pretty much sums up how we’re all feeling about 2020. Who would have thought, am I right?! While none of us could have predicted the year would have turned out the way it did, it did force us to approach each day differently. Whether it was trying to find a reason to get out of your pajamas, figuring out your children’s math homework, finding a new hobby to fill time, coming up with a new way to bring in revenue, or just adapting to not seeing friends and family, all of us faced challenges that we might never have thought we’d have to. But, we will persevere!

All of us at Dreams on a Dime want to thank the vendors we worked with in 2020 and wish every one of them strength and prosperity in the upcoming year. We also want to send a HUGE thanks to all of our 2020 clients who opted to postpone their event to 2021/2022 in lieu of cancelling. We know it was a difficult decision but it really allowed us to keep the business afloat and us doing what we love.

A quick note about the photos. You’ll notice in the last one above, there is a new addition to the Dreams on a Dime family! Seems like Valerie and her husband found ways to make the best of their pandemic off time. We also wanted to include a photo of Mary and her family (below), who will be leaving us at the end of the year. As you can see, Mary has her hands pretty full with three energy filled boys and, between them and a full time job, is stretched a bit thin. We loved having her a part of the team and will miss her cheery demeanor and amazing work ethic but understand that, sometimes you just need some sleep! We wish her all the best and we’re sure we’ll see you around, Mary!!


So, that’s it for 2020. Thanks to everyone – vendors, clients, our families, and friends, for the continued support and we look forward to a better, brighter, less insane 2021. Happy new year!!

Jessica G. & the entire Dreams on a Dime Events & Weddings team

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