journal 4

"I always say, keep a diary and someday it'll keep you" - Mae West


A monthly journal of love, marriage, and events galore

Hope, Good Luck, and Prosperity 

Monica & Ryen met online during COVID. Starting a relationship during a pandemic was difficult but made their relationship stronger. The couple planned a transatlantic Hindu wedding from their home in England, which included a baraat, the groom’s procession on a white horse, with family and friends surrounding him as he made his way to…
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Sweet Sassy Molassy

Eva & Chris met when he moved into her building. Chris was immediately smitten; Eva didn’t think it was a good idea to date someone who lived in her building. But Chris persisted and eventually convinced Eva to take a chance on him. In line with his musical background, for the ceremony recessional, Chris’ friends…
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O-he o-hi o-ho

When Rachel and Mark first started their wedding planning back in May 2022, the couple lived in San Francisco and were looking to throw a thoroughly San Franciscan affair. But, after a holiday with the family in Cincinnati, they decided it would be easier to host the wedding closer to the bride’s family in Ohio.…
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“Onko sinulla mitään lääkettä voin palamiseen?”

Kristina and Steve met online during the pandemic. Noting Kristina’s Finnish descent, Steve’s opening line in Finnish was “do you have any remedy for a butter burn?”  The odd remark resulted in Kristina ignoring Steve’s first attempt at striking up conversation, but she had been practicing a private manta – “whatever’s meant for me will…
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The Search is Over

Back in the summer of 2017, Andrew and Chris had overlapping hang-out time with mutual friend, Chelsea, who would eventually officiate their wedding.  Though neither made a move at the time, they continued to run into each other in the NYC theater audition circuit. Eventually, they were both cast on the national tour of Rock…
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A San Francisco Vibe

Madalyn and Alex met three years ago on Hinge. That meant their “getting to know you” phase as well as their engagement and wedding planning were all during the pandemic. After three years together, the couple were so looking forward to celebrating with friends and family. Heartfelt speeches from their loved ones elicited tears from…
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