journal 4

"I always say, keep a diary and someday it'll keep you" - Mae West


A monthly journal of love, marriage, and events galore

Let’s talk about real love

We’re at the end of April and at home, still. While things are still so uncertain, there’s one thing you can always be sure of, the love of a pet. Maybe we should be a bit more specific, the love of a DOG, as no one truly knows what that cat of yours is thinking.…
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Let them eat cake!

There are a few times in your life when you can have an enormous cake and no one will scoff – your birthday and your wedding. With all that’s going on currently, we thought we’d share a little joy and sweetness and show some of the wonderful cakes couples have had over the years. Enjoy…
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Leah & Camille

“He loves her so much.” That’s what the photographer said as we were watching the couple dancing with their guests. We couldn’t have asked for a better couple for our first wedding of 2020. While the ceremony was quite traditional, very little of the reception was. After the ceremony at the Chapel of Our Lady,…
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Because, what says “weddings” better than a fruit & veggie stand?!

Ok, we’ll admit, a fruit and vegetable stand may seem like an odd choice for a wedding fair tablescape but, you have to admit, it would peak your curiosity enough to come see what we were “selling”! Once again, we were invited to participate in the Presidio Venues Showcase. Each time we do a table…
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Welcome to 2020!!

A fresh new year … and, it couldn’t have come soon enough! For whatever reason, 2019 was an off year. Not just for us, but, seemingly, for the industry (at least in the Bay Area) as a whole. Fortunately, 2020 is panning out to be an amazing year so far. Typically, the first few months…
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You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello!

Goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020! As they say in Hollywood, “that’s a wrap.” We have officially finished our 2019 roster and now’s the time to take a well needed break. Well, sort of … We’re already well into working on 2020 events but wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of…
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