November Micro-Wedding

I received a call one afternoon from a local man who said he was helping his friend/boss on his upcoming wedding. I’ll be honest, at first, I was a bit skeptical that this was all above board, after all, he said the groom was living in Hong Kong, the bride in Shanghai, and the wedding was scheduled to happen in less than two months but exactly nothing had been planned so far. I forwarded along some information and didn’t think I would hear back. But, a few days later, I received a message from the groom who asked if I was free to do a call. Because of the pandemic, the couple was forced to postpone their initial plans and would have to wait a bit longer in order to hold their larger celebration in Asia. But, as the groom was originally from San Francisco, they decided to hold a small affair this year with a handful of friends and family. The groom came out to the U.S. a few weeks before the big day to work but the bride didn’t come out until 3 days before the wedding. As they were scheduled to pick up their marriage license the next day at San Francisco City Hall, they thought they’d take advantage of the spectacular setting and did a pre-ceremony photo session with photographer Danny Dong. Two days later, the ceremony and reception were held at a private residence in Fairfield with dinner prepared by private chef Micah. The casual gathering provided the perfect opportunity for old friends to catch up and for new introductions to be made. The following day, the couple enjoyed a Napa Valley wine tasting mini-moon before having to temporarily separate and head home to Asia. Congratulations, Eva and Steve!

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