Sweden meets Hawaii meets Nigeria by way of Seattle

Anywhere else in the world, that may seem like a complicated combination but not here! Isabella and Rotimi wanted to make sure to incorporate their culture into their fantastic event at the Legion of Honor. Isabella’s side is Chinese (from Hawaii) and Swedish, Rotimi’s family from Nigeria. The easiest way to honor your culture is definitely through food. Dinner incorporated traditional Nigerian dishes of suya, asun, and ofada stew. Desserts and the late night snack were a nod to Isabella’s side with a traditional Swedish princess cake, lilikoi tarts, and dim sum. The couple started the day in traditional Western wedding attire but, mid-reception, changed into traditional Nigerian wear. And, to make sure they were comfortable for dancing, changed again into what we joked as their “rave outfits”. To ensure the beats kept flowing, the couple brought DJ Blast (Nigerian born Bobby Akinboro) out from Seattle, and, keeping with Nigerian tradition, whenever the couple was on the dance floor, guests showered them with money. I joked with the groom’s family that the event was both chaotic and smooth at the same time and was told, “that’s a typical Nigerian wedding.” Congratulations, Isabella and Rotimi, wonderful getting to know you both, enjoy married life!!

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Isabella and Rotimi