The waiting is the hardest part

Sometimes the planning goes smooth as silk. Other times, you’re in the midst of a pandemic and everything is just a little nutty. Sharline and Eric started planning their wedding at the Legion of Art Fine Arts Museum way back in 2019 but, with all the pandemic craziness, it wasn’t until 2021 that we were able to see all the planning come to fruition. The bride walked in to “Kissing You” by Des’ree played by a harp, violin, cello trio. After the ceremony in the Court of Honor, guests were treated to go inside and view the exhibit by visiting Nairobi artist Wangechi Mutu as well as the museum’s permanent collection. The party then moved downstairs for dinner, after which the bride slipped away and changed into a custom made dress inspired by one worn by performer Alyssa Edwards. After dinner, the bride’s long layered overskirt came off, the dancing shoes went on, and the event wrapped up with dancing until late in the night.

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