The Westin St. Francis gets a facelift!

In mid-2018, San Francisco’s historic Westin St. Francis Hotel decided it was time for some of their event spaces to get refreshed. The hotel, which survived the 1906 earthquake, had played host to countless celebrities – Charlie Chaplin, Cary Grant, Salvador Dali, and Al Jolson, as well as numerous presidents including Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan. The top floor, called the Imperial Floor, comprised of two rooms – Victor’s Palace, renamed Mission Bay, and Alexandra’s, now named Golden Gate. Both spaces got new floors, carpet, drapery, light fixtures, and wall color. To show off the new look, we partnered with some amazing vendors and put together a stylized shoot. In Mission Bay, we went with a softer, more traditional look, while in Golden Gate, we went with a clean, modern look.

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