“Was an awesome night. It was perfect.”

Honestly, there aren’t words more joyful to a wedding planner’s ear than those. Because of the pandemic, meeting with Paige and Matthew in person came rather late in our planning process. But, when we did, I knew immediately I liked them. I also knew that their event was going to have to be a tad less traditional in part because Matthew’s family in Australia and South Africa weren’t going to be able to attend. But, through the magic of a live stream and pre-recorded toasts, the family was able to join the festivities virtually. The couple combined a touch of modern with the more rustic landscape of the venue, played heavy metal covers performed by classical musicians, and had a tug-of-war knot tying (get it, “tying the knot”?!) with guests cheering them on to create something that fit their personalities perfectly.

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