Like rain on your wedding day …

When Priscilla and Kenny first started their wedding planning, the idea was an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour. As the wedding date got closer, the March forecast wasn’t looking that promising. There are many beliefs that rain on your wedding day is good luck. In some cultures, it symbolizes washing away the past and starting a new beginning. Others believe it will result in a long lasting marriage as a wet knot is stronger and harder to untie. And, then, there’s always the thought that, with the rain comes new life = fertility! Regardless of whether the couple believed in any of the superstitions, they didn’t let a little rain dampen the plans! The decision was made to move things indoors and everything still looked just as lovely. Since some of their overseas friends and family couldn’t join the festivities in person, the couple live streamed the ceremony and later spoke directly to those viewing the celebration from afar. Priscilla and Kenny share a love of Studio Ghibli movies so they incorporated a few plush characters in their floral arrangements and guests were given small bags of konpeitō candies as favors. The evening rounded out with lots of dancing, cocktails, and an indoor s’mores bar.

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