“Onko sinulla mitään lääkettä voin palamiseen?”

Kristina and Steve met online during the pandemic. Noting Kristina’s Finnish descent, Steve’s opening line in Finnish was “do you have any remedy for a butter burn?”  The odd remark resulted in Kristina ignoring Steve’s first attempt at striking up conversation, but she had been practicing a private manta – “whatever’s meant for me will not pass you by,” so, when he reached out a second time, she gave him another shot and the two had their first date hiking in Muir Woods. At the wedding, Steve talked about how he thought finding the person he’d marry would be one of the hardest endeavors he’d face but, once he met Kristina, it turned out to be the easiest decision he’d ever made.  After an intimate ceremony at the Palace of Fine Arts, the couple moved the festivities to one of San Francisco’s oldest nightclubs, Bimbo’s 365, home of Dolphina, “The Girl in the Fishbowl.” Knowing the groom was a devoted Beatles fan (Steve says he’s been a fan since age 3), Kristina and several of the guests surprised him with a flash mob choreographed to “Eight Days A Week”. From all of us, onnittelen, Kristina and Steve, here’s to a lifetime of happiness!

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