So nice they did it twice!

You may recognize Rachael and Indy from our posting a year ago. Back in May 2021, the couple decided, despite having to considerably downsize their guest count, they were going to move forward and get married with just a handful of their closest friends in attendance. Exactly one year later, the couple got to celebrate their one-year anniversary with the extended list of the nearest and dearest. Rachael had her wedding dress altered, making it a shorter, cocktail length. For the ceremony, in lieu of a renewal, the couple shared how their first year of married life had been and showed a video of the 2021 ceremony, which was held at the same venue. In keeping with their 2021 theme and love of Winnie-the-Pooh, the couple brought in all sorts of little nods to the beloved bear. During the ceremony, the couple passed each other a huge red balloon (you see it pop up frequently in Pooh stories) and decided they would add another balloon each year and take pictures. The escort board was a map of Hundred Acre Wood, at each table were quotes from the books, and the cake was a massive double “hunny” pot. My favorite touch was something quite personal … the couple wanted to display a vintage Winnie-the-Pooh television/music box I had given them for their 2021 celebration. I still have my own from when I was a kid and could sing you the song if you asked. While the 2021 event was definitely joyful, it consisted of just the ceremony and dinner; the 2022 festivities, which were just as joyful, included a huge dessert spread, a photo booth, lots of dancing, and a budtender to wind down the evening. Congratulations, again, Rachael and Indy!